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I'm a Liverpool (Lancashire) born scouser, transmogrified into an Aussie. I have always loved art, dance, music and photography. I love the way the body moves and is capable of moving. I love how music moves the body to action. I love how contemporary art, performance, photography and video can talk to us, inform us, teach us, communicate to us visually. Art is a conversation and I love to indulge in all the forms it takes.

I hope you like my conversations.

Anita x



Anita was born in Liverpool, England. She lived in Merseyside with her mother and Grandparents until the age of 12 when she and her mother moved to Twickenham, South West London when her Mother Margot married her Stepfather Graham.


English and Art were her favourite subjects at high school, and she also continually wrote volumes and volumes of poetry. She had always had a camera in her hand from as long as she can remember. Then at 14 while doing a still life exercise at school one day she discovered that she could also draw! 

Anita continued studying art through sixth form college and it was her main subject at Teachers College in the UK, where she spent three years of full-time study gaining a Diploma of Education (now considered a Bachelor of Education). Her art work over the three years mainly consisted of drawing and sculpture. It was wanting to perfect her drawings and sculptures of the body that lead Anita into a more serious study of photography, using photographs to draw from.

After Teachers College she worked in computing, and as a PA and won an award for a drawing she did of Bob Dylan.


In the early 80s she decided to visit Australia where she already had friends encouraging her to go. In 1982 she arrived in Sydney on a 12-month working holiday visa and fell in love with Australia, making her home here.

She also lived in Melbourne for a couple of years and studied at the Photography Studies College and gained a Diploma in Photography. She carried her camera everywhere and always had a home darkroom in the analogue days.

Back in Sydney she then studied Desktop Publishing and became a digital artist in a photographic lab providing photographic retouching and composite images for advertising agencies such as George Patterson, Kennedy Rea, Mojo, Saatchi & Saatchi, Channel 7, Channel 9, David Jones, and Grace Bros. Photoshop was just beginning to become the industry standard tool and Anita began using it for fashion magazines such as Australian Vogue, Elle and Dolly.

Following her heart down yet another track; in 2000 she became a full-time yoga teacher! She always taught yoga in her spare time but then she decided to leave the world of advertising for the life of a yogi. She worked in several yoga studios prior to opening her own studio in Leichhardt. But art called her back and she finally got to go to art school and completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts degree in Photomedia at Sydney University.

After living back in the UK for a couple of years and working at her favourite gallery Tate Modern (a dream come true!) she is now back in Australia living in Port Stephens. She is a practising photographic and video artist, and (can't help herself!) teaching QiGong, Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation (see the link 'yoga/qigong' in the menu).

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