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The theme of the body is continued in many of my video works. As I said previously; we don’t have a body, we are our body – it’s how we interpret the world.  Our bodies also are the memory of our lives and they show our history; our living, our loving and our being.


We also try and be and become. We try and fit into what we want to be and what others want us to be. We are various beings for other beings. Metamorphosing as we move through the world. Everyone projects their own life view onto others to a large extent. We try and work out how others function/work by projecting our own stories onto theirs. Sometimes they can be close but at others totally mismatched. 

Some of my videos are about water. I spent my childhood near the sea and as a teenager by the river Thames. It’s near water that I feel calm, safe, nourished and happy to be alone. I love the sound of the ocean and rain. I enjoy how water distorts our vision on glass and the power of water when it is loud and almost indistinguishable. A natural hubbub of noise.

Then there is the part of me that is still connected to England. In 'There and Here' I wanted to also connect with many who are often living in two places at the same time within their heart and express that through image and spoken word.

And I love just making videos! So there's a variety of topics of everyday life and things I see around me.

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